Effective Web Design – Understanding User Behaviour

To properly use web design principles, we have to understand how users think, how they go through websites, and what the basic patterns of their behavior are.

How Users Think

In essence, online consumers behave in the same way as customers that shop at stores. At first, these visitors look at every new page, check a portion of the content in it then click on the link that grabs their attention or somehow resembles what they are searching for. They disregard most parts of the page.

The majority of users search for topics that look interesting, useful and are clickable. The moment they find potential candidates, they click. Whenever the new content does not meet their needs, they click on the back button then continue with the search process.

Users go for quality and credibility.

Since users go for high-quality content, they don’t really mind the website design or the ads that go with it. That is why websites which are not so well-designed but have great, relevant content, get more traffic than well-designed websites with poor content. This shows the importance of content over web design.

Most users only scan pages.

When you examine a web-page, you will notice that users look for key points that would direct them throughout the content.

Online users are impatient and demanding.

A website should be able to meet the expectations of users. If not, the web designer did not succeed in doing his job. If the site has high cognitive load and is not user-friendly, then it is hard to navigate and users will most likely leave the site and go on to the next.

Users do not make the best choices.

Users take time in finding the information they need because they do not do things systematically. Whenever they scan a web page, they jump from one section to another. They choose the first available alternative. Every time they see a link that may lead to their goal, they will immediately click on it. They do not want to wait a long time.

Users use their intuition.

Most often than not, users browse rather than read information. The main reason for that is the fact that users simply do not care. Once they find something that is effective, they go for it. It does not matter if they understand how it works as long as it can be used. So, if your audience acts like you are designing billboards, make the most of it and design exceptional billboards.

Users want to be in control.

Users want to be in control of their browser and make constant use of the data presentation across the site. This means they get annoyed with the new pop ups that appear unexpectedly. They also want to be able to use the back button when they want to go back to the former site they have been viewing. So, it might be good not to open any new links in new browser windows. Visit http://a4c.net/development-whitelabel-application-android-ios-cashback/ to find out more regarding development iOS

Top 4 Factors Favourable For Website Designing

Apart from making a website design that is attractive and appealing, there are many factors that contribute in the clarity and working of the website design. An efficient and impressive website design determines and focuses on the important factors of the business, company as well as organization from the design point of view. A combination of both, function and design is the usability of site or the user experience.

May be, at the outset of your project, you might be inquired about giving some information regarding website design on some of the important choice or selection. Some of the people may be interested in website design, while some may not, as it depends upon the taste and interest of an individual. Providing additional information eases the task of the designer as he/she can plan out the method or design befitting the requirements of the organization.

The following points will clarify why the site is planned out systematically and confidently:-

1. To understand your Markings/Labels

The information is sure to be forwarded to your new website design if your organization has the current branding norms along with the established logo, specific colors, fonts, taglines and insignia to create your organizations visual identity.

But, if you are setting up a new organization, or if you are planning for re branding it, naturally some period is required before plunging into your site. The branding should be constantly used on the website as well as printed, coordinating both publicly and internally.

Most importantly, your logo is the ‘soul’ of your branding as it is the first and foremost stuff that will attract visitors on your site and thus it ought to be appealing, excellent, eye-catching, qualitative and perfect.

2. Judge Your Likings

No man is perfect; hence you may or may not have sufficient knowledge about quality website design, but your experience can help you in deciding the same, and at the same time there are exceptions as there are some peculiar type of choice over which you may not have your hold, for example the ‘branding standards’, leaving the rest for you to decide. The client may have to answer some questions asked by the website design partner about their choice of open or closed concept of design, that is, should the overall site be viewed wide open with white space connecting the entire browser, or should there be a background color covering the entire space? Surprisingly, there is no answer to it as it depends upon an individual’s choice of preference depending upon the quality of work devoted for your content or brand.

Just visit other sites for updating your knowledge about your likes or dislikes about the sites and question yourself whether or not you appreciate particular items? About the outside web, about cutting some really good advertisements or your likes about the coffeehouse menu. These questions may appear to be irrelevant but they do convey your views.

While analyzing other sites, identify your choice of preference keeping in mind your brand and your requirements. Apple definitely is adored universally. But, in reality only some of the organizations can achieve the minimum essentials, far-reaching and boundless, white styling that Apple uses. Your written content and images have least chance of being provided in this style. Try distinguishing few illustrations that are not known specifically, apart from the Apple.

3. Less is more

Less is more – Let’s make this a thumb rule for Apple.

Creating a clean and rational framework that shows a definite content for each page is basically what your website design partner requires. Moreover, they would want to use a fixed framework to focus on some of the prominent range of your organization vital for your audience. There are of course certain ways to decide about what portion of the design ought to be advertised such as header, footer, sidebar, etc. For easy approach, you may highlight your contact information apart from your branding. If at all you are more ambitious for social media presence, links to your social media should be available in the header as against the footer. The space should be utilized sensibly and care should be taken by not filling every pixel of white space with a phone number, e-mail, social media link, hours of operation, liking button, featured button, testimonial, staff directory, etc., and hence in order to confine to the above aspects, the following points should be considered –

1. Most important parts of company.
2. Most visited sites for easy access.
3. New or previously missed out feature of your organization for drawing attention.
Try not to confuse your audience with many choices as it is not a child’s play one to have a great looking site.

4. Have Confidence in your Website Design Team

Your likes and preferences does matter a lot as it is of utmost importance to the design process which finally reaches you to a website design of your liking. There are a few occasions where your designer team work adequately all day long, termed as ‘best practices’. If a particular font is odd, the color palette is amazing, or if there are lots of choices on the homepage, they will instruct to perform these best practices.


In a nut shell, best looking and best functioning site are the prime factors for satisfying your requirements as well as your designers.

Web Design for Small Businesses – The Best Practices

Essential aspects that small businesses should keep in mind when creating a website

If you want your presence and brand to be known on the web, you have to invest in a well-constructed website. Many online businesses make use of generic templates, disregarding the importance of a unique brand. Sorry to say, the only means to get a great brand design is to pay a considerable amount of money to allow your brand to stand out among the millions of websites.

The Process of Building Websites That Every Business Should Know

Generally, the usual low-budget website has to go through the following process:

Business Requirements – When people or businesses plan on creating a new website, they should know exactly what they want, giving a detailed description. This first phase of developing a website consists of a number of meetings plus brainstorming sessions.

Design – It is always stressed that a website should have a good design. This means that you should exert more effort and be more creative. Planning your own website is one thing, but turning this plan into reality is entirely different. While people or businesses can repetitively explain their requirements, the majority of people do not decipher what others are thinking. After everything has been said and done, there should be an agreement on the design prior to the final approval. Usually, it takes a number of proofs before the desired look is met.

Website development – After designing the website, it has to be divided into pieces of content and images to make it clear to a web browser before rendering it to an online user. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be considered as early as this stage. The brand has to be organized and include a mission statement, as well as product/service documents. Around all of this is the actual software development. When it comes to the web, this is known as the web application development. This brings the website structure and design to a user’s interaction level by means of widgets, workflow processes, conversation tools, contact forms and shopping carts, among others.

Quality Assurance (Q & A) – Once everything is set, a website must undergo vigorous tests to make sure it works.

Go Live – A website should have a web host to make it live on the Internet so users can interact with the platform.

Website Design Should Distinguish Your Brand on the Internet

Marketing involves conversion. A website design, its features as well as the message it wants to convey make everything possible. Poor content can also contribute to a poor design. Wrong grammar, incomplete message and poor quality videos can put off a user. Aesthetically speaking, poor color combination or style can cause a website to be undetected by visitors. With the help of design, the message must be clear to any user.

The 6 Most Common Website Problems

If you work virtually or market your business online at all, your website is a crucial part of your business. It’s one of the first things online people will see about you. Even offline people might go “check you out” after they’ve met you in person.

Recently, most of my coaching calls and Content Strategy Consultations have centered around websites. These are people who already have websites, and their websites either need a tune-up or to be maximized.

As a business coach and objective observer, I can go in like a regular ol’ website visitor, new to the site… just like my clients’ prospective website visitors. Here are the 6 common problems I’m seeing in websites (mostly on the home page because that’s where you need to make an impression… and fast)

1. Your home page talks more about “I” than about “you.” Websites need to draw the viewer in, speak to her, make her feel as if she’s found the right place for whatever problem she has. So if your first words on the website are about “I do this” and “I believe that,” the visitor has no reason to stay. It’s not about you, darling.

2. It doesn’t immediately speak to the reader’s problem. There’s a reason he stumbled upon your website. He’s looking for something. Let him know he found it.

3. It’s not clear what this website is about. You’ve probably heard the statistic that you have about 3-7 seconds to capture a website viewer’s attention. That means it has to be abundantly clear what you do and who you do it for (and still making it all about the reader, as in #1).

4. Not letting your amazingness show through. Don’t make someone dig through pages and pages to find out that you are pretty doggone good at what you do and that you’ve been doing it for a million years. In just a sentence or two, state what you do, how long you’ve been doing it, how many people you’ve helped, and what your unique brilliance is.

5. Your free gift isn’t prominent or attractive enough. If your free gift isn’t getting any sign-ups, it could be because the offer is buried, font size too small, or not solving your ideal client’s biggest problems.

6. Not being clear on the most popular pages/information that your ideal target market is going to gravitate to. If you’re a website or graphic designer, you’d better have a portfolio and testimonials pages. If you’re a health coach, you’d better have a health tips or recipes page.

Of course, there’s much more about making your website work its hardest for you, but solve these 6 problems, and you’re on your way to attracting your ideal clients.

12 Ways to Improve Your Website Today

First impression of any business depends on its carefully designed website.

A good amount of thought, time and money need to be invested in the designing and if needed stepwise improvement of website design.

Hiring professional website designing services can be a good option to save time and make it cost-effective.

Following is a list of 12 ways to improve your website:

    1. Website Navigation – Ease of navigating your website will allow the user to find exactly what’s been looked for. It will also boost the search engine rankings of your website. A descriptive website which tells the user what’s on offer in fewer clicks is popular with the users and can help to convert the user into a potential customer.


    1. Call To Action Text (CTA) – Clear calls to action are specific and self-explanatory viz. ‘Download’, ‘Reviews’, etc. They are in first person telling the visitor what to do. The CTA are in colors that compliment the website background.


    1. Carousels – Should be used only if it is of any relevance and value addition. The number should be restricted to 1-3 to retain interest of the user and they should not be auto forward slides. According to Smashing Magazine, using a carousel for image galleries on a product detail page may be very useful to users that are browsing on a mobile device.


    1. Social Proof – To convert users into customers a message or a quote or a testimonial by an influential personality acts as a social proof of the credibility of your site and product.


    1. Testimonials – Good things or opinions expressed by great, famous, loyal clients should be made very visible. Videos, Tweets, etc. should be scattered throughout the site such as the product page, case studies section, etc.


    1. Team Pages – The success of a business depends to a large extent on how well-connected there between the people of the company and its clients. The website pages should give the company profile, employee details, work culture, etc as they project a transparent communication.


    1. Live chat – This offers an instant insight into the interest of the client garnering immediate feedback on the site and striking an effective communication with the clients and prospective customers.


    1. Mobile friendly – Mobile friendly web pages offer a good user experience. The visible links and ease of navigation is a must have which will enhance the mobile search ranking of the site.


    1. Internal Linking – To keep the clients moving through the site, provide various links so that they do not hit a dead-end and lose interest. e.g. Link the home page to various services which in turn can be linked to contact form.


    1. E-mail sign up forms – The sign up process must be crystal clear as to why the user is signing. The forms should be prominent, offer social proof and promise something concrete that will interest the potential customer.


    1. Forget the Fold – Stuffing all information above the fold will make it complicated to scan through. Only an important message should be on top. A good reason to scroll will enable the users to go down the fold.


  1. Thank You Page – To maintain the interest of the visitors and give them a reason to revisit and stay on your site, a thank you page can be effectively used viz.’Sign up through this page’ or ‘Offering best fortnightly deals’ or ‘Look for more news’, etc.

How to Advertise Web Design Services

It has been 5 years of running my business in web designing and marketing. I have gained a lot of experience and here I am sharing my experience what I learned from my job.

Creativeness and creative perspective are apparent characteristics of a professional web designer, however only a beautiful layout of the website does not guarantee that your business will become a success.

Adopting marketing techniques are as important for a web designer as it is for every small business owner. Whether you are a freelancer or owner of the company having so many employees, finding out how to promote or market your web design business is important to make your business profitable. As many web designers and companies market their business locally and globally, it becomes essential that marketing web design should be approached creatively and seriously to reach the goal of your business. The professional services of customized web design guarantee to give better benefit and profit.

Promote your website online

You can optimize your website in various ways, whether through free advertising, paid advertising, social media and you can adopt offline methods for making your business more popular.

According to me results achieving from free advertising is the best type of marketing technique as it is a long lasting way to spread your business on Google. You just need to hire a professional web marketing firm to make your website visible on top search results. I would also recommend you to do proper research before hiring marketing company for your business. Ask a few questions before hiring them.

Keep on updating on social media channels regularly

Nowadays, people are using various social networking websites commercially. It provides a good way to spread or promote a particular product, service, website etc.

One can find clients in these places. Apart from this, social media like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and other sites give you another opportunity to get connected with potential clients, also provides a way to link with them and understand about you before, during, and after the selling.

Participate in industry-related conventions

This may not generate more clients unless some of the participants are looking for solutions, but you get the interaction of other people in your business. Social media can help you offer more to clients whereas these conventions or meetings can help make your business more reputable. As your company name shall get published in magazines, newspaper, etc. Hence it will keep you on the top of the trend and news.

3 Reasons Why Responsive Website Design Should Be Taken Seriously

Every company on the internet today needs a vibrant site that would contribute in bring in big volumes of web traffic, which online marketers would wish to transform into possible company potential customers or consumers. The web design of online companies should be appealing and user friendly to fulfill the altering needs of customers over time. This is because of the advancing innovations emerging that affect the buying power and choices of customers.

Today, mobile innovation is emerging extremely quickly on the horizon to effect customers’ way of lives and lives. Advanced mobile gizmos surface area rapidly with advanced functions on a little screen. More customers are searching the web utilizing their mobile phones such as mobile phones and tablets than desktops or laptop computers.

Responsive Sites

Mobile gadgets have a smaller sized screen and various apps which make seeing a site various with a various online experience. Ingenious online marketers and company owners would require updating or fine-tuning their web company website appropriately to cater to the modifications in innovation and gadgets that customers are welcoming.

It is not unexpected then to keep in mind the enhancing effort by innovation business to come out with possible options of a responsive site design that would have the ability to deal with the various Web company requires as specific options would be too tough.

This is exactly the factor for web company websites to be enhanced today to deal with the growing variety of mobile phones made use of for online searches and deals. Popular internet search engine like Google are proactively updating its search algorithm to be mobile friendly and look for sites that are mobile suitable to be ranked greater than standard designs.

Numerous factors oblige online marketers of Web companies to accept a responsive site design that would benefit them at the end of the day.

1) Just ONE Site

Prior to mobile innovation came on board, lots of business would handle numerous sites to woo more clients. They would have a routine site on the Web catering for computer systems and laptop computers while another specifically created site that deals with those with mobile phones.

If a responsive design is embraced, one company site is adequate to cater to the various groups of users on the web. There is no requirement to handle more than one site.

One upgrade or upkeep would make sure that the exact same screen and functions would be seen regularly despite the source of viewing. With contemporary innovations today, it is easy to establish a responsive site design making use of the very best of design devices for a vibrant site that accommodates the various gizmos and access environments.

Companies with a responsive site would use up less time in upgrading the site as innovation remains to advance as there is just one site to deal with.

2) Desirable Results with Internet Search Engine

It is to business advantage that it embraces a responsive site as rapidly as possible given that popular internet search engine like Google are quick embracing the current innovations which accommodate responsive site designs.

Being proactive, Google has actually welcomed the current innovations in tweaking or updating its search algorithm to consist of the current SEO functions which include responsive designs for sites. The search spider has the ability to find use of these SEO feature to accord greater websites rankings to the particular sites which refer to mobile-friendly websites. Mobile innovations causes various algorithms that examine various URL formats and designs which browse spiders control in their indexing procedure.

Online marketers have to be kept informed with the most recent market patterns, consisting of internet search engine’ needs and modifications which web customers depend on for online searches. Online marketers who want to continue taking pleasure in high web traffic from high SERP listings by search engines would require welcoming responsive web designs as rapidly as possible.

Otherwise, companies of online marketers might delay behind rapidly with the increasing competitors in the market; a lot of whom are little and brand-new however strong and aggressive to handle the obstacle of accepting the current innovations to be competitive. If online marketers demand keeping various sites to deal with the various kinds of users, they would have to recognize with the technical adjustments such as “rel canonical” tags to notify Google on indexing the best pages for the preferred high rankings although contents might be comparable.

3) Improved Online Experience for User

It would lack a doubt that web users would take pleasure in a much better online experience with the proper responsive website design as this brand-new site format would have more flexible and sophisticated functions. Web users would discover it much easier to browse the screens and websites efficiently with well constructed pages utilizing sophisticated functions and elements at the touch of the screen or easy click of the plainly shown button.

A responsive site shows to be a comfy and really practical strategy for web users to connect with the brand or company as the surfing activity is smooth and quick. If they experience trouble in searching the website, this would stall the web visitor on this site rather of leaving in a rush. A lower bounce rate is the desire of all online marketers who desire to be understood as progressive and reputable in the marketplace in and outside their market.

Web users who browse efficiently through a responsive site would discover their info rapidly with complete satisfaction to continue with the needed call-to-action alternatives. This would benefit business with more helpful consumers who are most likely to make and return restarted purchases due to the benefit and convenience of adjustment on the responsive site.


Online marketers who offer top priority to web users with a much better online experience would decide to transform their existing site to be responsive. This augurs well with popular internet search engine to raise their SERP listing that would draw more traffic to their site to increase company.

Create a Winning Website in Your Budget

How important is it to create a proper budget prior to launching your website? The answer is a lot. Whether it is a new website for start-ups or re-launching of an existing website, under budgeting for a new website can create haywire for your business. The unprecedented expenses cause a roll back on marketing activities planned post the launch of the website. This follows a series of dismal events where the design and functionality of the website is compromised and the site ends up with much less desired results, losing out in competition.

So what is the key to make the best website within your budget? Firstly you should have an idea of what you want your website to do. This would help in setting a realistic budget for the job. Once you have a rough idea, the inputs need to be handed over to your web development company. This is a major step as the web design and development services can cater to your needs while giving you valuable tips in maintaining your budget, cutting on costs and optimizing your goals.

Following are the key areas your company needs to consider while launching a website:

1. Design

Whether it’s a new or a re-launched website, the design is the core of the site. Once you specify your needs, your website design company can work on it with your specifications like ease in user accessibility, design that would encourage high rates of conversions and high rankings in SEO.

2. Time

It is reasonable to consider that you will not get your perfect site running smoothly yielding your expected results, together with your well suited design at the first go. On the way of development, there can be changes to the layout which you initially considered to be perfect. You and your web developer need to consider the time in trials as well as time consumed in technological changes. Keeping in mind the factor of a time scale, it would be easier to prepare a budget accordingly.

3. Content

A flamboyant website with pleasing visuals may lose its sheen if it is thin on its content. The time and money you spend on your site should be able to make it rank high in search engines. You need to be careful while deciding on your content, its uniqueness, size, the bandwidth and considering outsourcing for copywriting if required. Your money spent should be worth a good quality of content for your site.

4. Marketing Using Social Media

The social media can dramatically increase conversion rates if used wisely. The popular share options available in social media can enlarge your presence over the web. Facebook likes, Twitter presence can be really helpful. Your web designer can provide suggestions in improving consumer interaction with incorporating effective call to action options.

5. Maintenance

You should remember that post launching your website, you have to work on its maintenance keeping it up to date and upfront in the competition. Here you have to keep some expenses in mind, for example- server maintenance for handling new customers, design changes if there is some problem in user accessibility, upkeep of security levels if your site accepts personal details of your clients, etc. You can plan ahead for estimated expenses with your web design company.

With a summary of your initial plans and future costs of your website, you can obtain proper guidance from your web development company. A strategic planning from the beginning will help prevent future unpleasantness or risks that would topple your ambitious plans in internet marketing.

5 Essential Areas in Digital Marketing That Help Increase Site Traffic

Businesses online have the widest range in terms of customer demographic. The most complicated challenge basically is how to be found in search engines with just a single address, which is the domain. Online visibility is necessary so potential customers can find the business, and it is not impossible with the right strategies and execution. In fact, it would actually only take months to happen through the following areas in digital marketing that can get you large amounts of traffic if you do it right.

1. Content

Google values content. The internet giant rewards those who maintain valuable and unique content with higher search rankings and large amounts of traffic. It’s basically about the users. If Google sees that you provide great useful content to their users then you get to be rewarded.

If you’re running a blog or news articles, new content lures people to your site. The next challenge then is converting these visitors into buyers which would mean that you need yet another set of valuable content – but this time, it shouldn’t just be informative, it must be irresistible.

You can share what you know and educate your reader. Assume the expert position so people will believe you and actually learn from you. Make your content stand out with its function and uniqueness then share it!

2. Email

In all of the marketing strategies, email has probably taken the worst press about its part in the marketing process. However, it remains very essential in digital marketing as it paves the way for you to reach out to your users. Email also includes great content to be effective. More than being informative, your email should have something that would make your users come back and buy again. Your email can be a teaser of new blog content or a strategic offer as long as it leads them to your website or landing page where you can turn them into a client from a visitor.

3. Reputation When customers are looking for items online, they oftentimes get a number of results that match their search; then they go to the next deciding factor, which is the credibility of the seller. Can your old and new customers and website visitors have confidence in buying from you? As for the newbies, what can you do to be seen reputable even if you’re just starting out? If you own a large business, how can you make people see that other people love your website without adding potentially biased reviews? Your image online is very important to gain your customers’ trust, so you have to work on your branding well.

4. Social Media This is almost automatic when breaking into the internet business. It would be marketing suicide if you let your company miss out on having social media accounts. Well, not every business needs to be social but it does help with acquiring good traffic. Grow a following from the large traffic and build an audience from it. Prepare or build a conversion page and make it highly optimized. With all the social media platforms available today, you can push traffic to your website or landing pages where the audience that you gathered can be converted.

5. SEO It may seem like SEO lost its value but it still serves an important role. There are many ways to optimize your site, like link building, which secures long term organic traffic and contributes to a website’s online visibility. Remember that when you leave a link on another website, it acts as a recommendation. The more links your domain has, the more reputable it would seem and ultimately the more popular your site will get. Other factors that would help with your site optimization include removing duplicate content, improving page speeds, writing correct HTML, and applying web design SEO. Optimizing your website is probably one of the longest strategies you have to work on and it will require a lot of focus but considering long term goals, it will bring the biggest return among the rest.

Go Through 10 Web Design Trends That Will Transform Your Business

Surviving in the online world is no small deal. The ever changing web makes it difficult for the businesses to sustain their growth and position and a single mistake can lead to a doom in their business. In the same way, following the latest trends allows the businesses to grow and prosper and this is where experts and professional help comes into the picture.

With the growing requirement of web designing, there has been an increase in web designing services. All these technologically sound countries have an established IT services sector where all development and designing work takes place.

10 Trends that will help you ‘Transform’:

If your website is old, it definitely needs a makeover. For a professional and trendy looking website, you need to contact a web designing company take their assistance in getting the things done. The ten trends that you must follow right now are:

    • Full Width Graphics and Videos: A picture is worth a thousand words and it holds true in the case of the digital market. These days, the internet speeds are going up while data charges are going down. Consequently, people are able to access more graphical content and that is why it is time to incorporate more graphics and videos in your website. Instead of giving product descriptions, you can create description videos and many other such things which will allow for a more lively and interactive looking website.


    • Go Mobile: If your site is old, chances are that you’re still not optimized for mobile viewing. Thus, the first thing would be to get it redesigned in RWD format and make it mobile compliant for getting the maximum number of people to visit your site.


    • Sticky Navigation: Since pages are becoming longer, people tend to lose interest if they have to scroll up and select next page or previous page. For this, using a navigation bar that constantly sticks to the top of the page is a great way to provide your visitors with all the links whenever they want.


    • Modals and Pop-Ups: Modals and Pop Ups are a great way to drive the attention of the visitors. With pages becoming longer and people becoming increasingly impatient, it is very important to focus their attention to the call to action button and for that, a well-timed pop up or a large modal button can be a great method.


    • Less text, more content: Since people don’t read everything you post, it is very important to make them understand the primary objective of your posts. For this, using different font styles, precise writing and use of bullets and numbering are the recommended and trending methods. Optimize your content in this format and you’ll surely have more people interested in reading your posts.


    • Cleaner and Simpler: With material design becoming a huge trend, focus is on offbeat colors. According to a study by a major Graphic Web Design Company, people prefer simpler and cleaner looks as opposed to the older jammed and crammed up websites.


    • Live Chat: Another wonderful trend to follow is the incorporation of live chat feature. With live chat, you can engage with the visitors as and when they visit your site and the chances of converting your visitors becomes high.


    • One Page Scrolling: It is easier to scroll than to click on buttons, especially in mobile. Because of this, one page scrolling has become a major web design trend and people are following it for the sake of convenience. So, for getting more people to like and share your mobile site, try going for a one page scrolling at least in your mobile website.


    • Tile Based Design: If you own an eCommerce website, then tile based navigation as is Windows phones and OS is a great way to organize things. People like it when things are organized and a tile based design is great for eCommerce and photography based websites.


  • RWD: Responsive Web Design is important and everyone knows it now. By going RWD, you ensure that your site is fit for any type of screen and this is what makes it more desirable. Even though RWD is not a new trend, you need to necessarily follow this trend if you want better results.